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Eiffel Tower, Paris VII
2 rooms, 4 Sleeps :
Historic, authentic,
19 century building and apartment
Bridge Alex III to Champs ElyseesEiffel Tower


Historic Apartments in Paris, Heart of Paris, Eiffel Tower area, between Champs Elysees and Invalides, 3rd floor (US) with a lift

1. Description of the apartment

The building and the apartment was just renewed. The building from the summer 2002 to the spring 2003, the apartment in the second part of 2003. So they are very clean and beautiful.

1- In the bedroom: there is a main bed, a very high quality French double bed with a double 2*20cm deep mattress, a part of the external wall was cleaned from the plaster to display the original white stones used as building material. A small Japanese garden with a bamboo tree was installed where the fireplace was before. There is also a large double window from oak, a table and chair to work, a library with English guides of Paris, updated information about Paris and several books from the English (language) and a wardrobe. All in colonial style.

2- In the living room: there is a second bed, a double sofa bed. There is also a convertible table (from 2 to 4) a TV, DVD, CD..

3- The kitchen is equipped with a high quality induction double hot plate, combined oven/microwave, fridge and everything for 4 adults including ancient porcelain. As the original construction stones on the wall was beautiful, it was painted with a transparent painting.

4- The Bathroom is covered with sand stone and brick colour marbles. It is equipped with 2 golden (shielded) taps, a toilet, a shower, a wash basin. Ther is also  furniture with a large mirror etc. Here you will also find a set of hot towels provided within the apartment.

As the building where the apartment is located was designed to host the officers from the French Colonial army and their families (the military school is 100m from here) and some noble construction materials was used. We have decided to protect this past and offer to you a piece of real Paris from 1870.
During the renewal works 3 construction elements was decided to be highlighted.
All three are original 19 century components of the apartment:
a) The Oak on the floor
b) The Brick on the ceramic floor and kitchen walls
c) The Sand Stone from the main wall of the room.

Two of these elements was dismounted (oak floor, brick ceramic) then renewed and remounted back. Two pieces of original walls was cleaned from the plaster to display the original construction elements.
We had to complete it with some modern materials but we used only natural stone and wood : red and coffee marble in the bathroom, mounted according to 19 century techniques, to be in harmony with the sand stone and the brick, several types of colonial oak harmonize with the oak floor and the colonial history. The furniture was also carefully selected for your pleasure and to respect the colonial style. Even the porcelain and the shower tap (covered with fine gold) are from this colonial period (good copies)
There is also a 2m high Bamboo tree in a small marble stone garden to remind these dolce vita times.

The equipment is all modern and high-tech : computer driven, induction hot plates to make high level kitchen, TV with MP3, DVD and CD reader, sophisticated micro-waves combined with grill and oven... You can also have a phone and Internet access (on demand).

Construction  od the Eiffel Tower
   March 15, 1888    September 15,1888  December 26,1888   March 12,1889

2. The area: Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Invalides

The apartment is located on Avenue de la  Motte Piquet a fabulous avenue joining the Eiffel Tower with Invalides, 2 of our greatest monuments in Paris. This avenue has plenty of artist shops, excellent French restaurants, beautiful buildings and  embassies ... It is a very large, green, quiet and very safe avenue (as it is also just behind several of our Ministries and near the Parliament, it is one of safest places in Paris). Champs Elysees are 15 minues from the flat.
Just to the front of our building there is a pedestrian street where you can shop for food and everything you need for the home (even if it is one of most expensive areas in Paris, from the real estate point of view, the shops in this street are rather reasonable from the pricing point of view)

As a historical curiosum: Mr de La Motte Piquet was the Admiral of the French fleet allied to the American army in the American civil war against the British.

“In 1778, John Paul Jones sailed to France. On February 14, 1778, six days after France decided to join the Patriots in their fight against the British, John Paul Jones was sailing into Quiberon Bay in France. He and Admiral La Motte Piquet of the French Navy saluted each other with gun fire. This was the first time the new flag of the Colonies had been recognized by a foreign government”

It is located 150m from 2 big gardens (parks): Champs de Mars (the Eiffel Tower park) and the Invalides Gardens with plenty of green and quit places to sit, rest , drink a good cafe or tea in a garden …
It is also located 10 min walk from the Seine river where there are many river walks, you can also take from here the BatoBus (the bus on the river)

500m (10min walk) from the Charles de Gaulle airport terminal (do not be afraid, the planes do not lend over here but there is an AirFrance city center terminal with a cheap and very comfortable, direct Bus from here to the airport) so no need for the taxi or metro and train to  and from the airport.

The walking distance to Champs Elysees , Le Louvre, Latin Quarter .. is also very reasonable (about 20 to 30 minutes)


3. Commodities, transportation

50m from the metro station ,100m from 4 bus stops going everywhere in Paris






Eiffel Tower summary

Floor US/EU


What people say

  To stay and to live among the inhabitants of Paris in a true Parisian apartment is a rich experience. Bigger , cheaper and more convenient (freedom) compared to a hotel room it is really the best way to enjoy Paris
"We purchased a print of your apartment from the artist downstairs and it is now framed and hanging in our dining room.
Please be aware that we would not give a reference if we had not appreciated the apartment, its location and your kindness
Brian & Iris Atkinson AUSTRALIA

About Us

  We are the owners of these apartments and rent them for several years on short term rental bases. We also live in Montmartre, not far from Rue Chappe and Villa des Fusains. We can help you to find all the best places to visit, good restaurants.. Our apartments are also proposed by several official agency

A small history of the Eiffel Tower

It only took five months to build the foundations and twenty-one to finish assembling the metal pieces of the Tower.

Considering the rudimentary means available at that period, this could be considered record speed. The assembly of the Tower was a marvel of precision, as all chroniclers of the period agree. The construction work began in January 1887 and was finished on March 31 1889. On the narrow platform at the top, Eiffel received his decoration from the Legion of Honour.

"A thick cloud of tar and coal smoke seized the throat, and we were deafened by the din of metal screaming beneath the hammer. Over there they were still working on the bolts: workmen with their iron bludgeons, perched on a ledge just a few centimetres wide, took turns at striking the bolts (these in fact were the rivets). One could have taken them for blacksmiths contentedly beating out a rhythm on an anvil in some village forge, except that these smiths were not striking up and down vertically, but horizontally, and as with each blow came a shower of sparks, these black figures, appearing larger than life against the background of the open sky, looked as if they were reaping lightning bolts in the clouds."
Emile Goudeau

from the official Eiffel Tower WebSite





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